10 Best Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds Black Friday Deals 2019

The Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds are wireless headphones, with great features for sports fans. However, before we begin considering Gear IconX Earbuds Black Friday deals allow us to have a look at whether they are a fantastic choice, or whether you’re better off going with competition like Apple Earpods or Google Pixel Ear Buds.

These are the Best Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds Black Friday Deals 2019:

Last updated on November 8, 2019 11:25 pm

Here is our comprehensive review on the IconX Earbuds from Samsung. Have a read until the end.

Build Excellent

Design-wise not much has changed in the original IconX. You get three colors to pick from — black, black, greypink, and they are available in a pill-shaped carry case that also doubles as a charger for the earphones when you’re out and about. The earphones fit snugly into the situation, but there’s no magnetic help to keep them secure. Therefore, if you accidentally drop the case (such as we did a couple of occasions ), then it will likely snap, together with your prized earphones will come tumbling out.


The Voice Focus attribute enables you to listen to people talking while you’re listening to music without lowering the volume of the song you’re listening to. I tested it out with a colleague and also found that it made our voices look like flight attendants making announcements over a plane’s PA system. Additionally, it amplified the sound of me typing on a computer keyboard, which wasn’t perfect. With some fine-tuning, this feature might be a bit more useful, but I really don’t find myself relying on it overly much.


As we mentioned before the Samsung Gear IconX doesn’t have any high-quality codecs, so whatever you listen to will be streamed through SBC–the lowest common denominator in terms of information delivery. But irrespective of the technical limitation, the IconX sound amazingly good.


The Samsung Gear IconX block more noise with their passive in-ear game than some busy noise-canceling headset. When it’s likely to find a fantastic seal with the provided tips, they’ll prevent an above-average degree of ambient noise from turning into your own audio. This makes them a good solution for commuting or to block the workplace chatter of a lively workout environment. They may struggle a bit with more low-frequency noise, like the rumbling sounds of a motor but because they hardly leak, you are able to hide some of the sound by listening to some sound at higher volumes and not divert the people around you.


The Samsung Gear IconX has an typical Bluetooth link free of NFC service or multi-device pairing. They’ve an above-average wireless selection but no other connection options so, sadly, there is not any way to decrease the large latency when watching films. This means they won’t be the ideal headphones for home theater use or for gambling.

Heart-rate tracking

If you would love to listen to your heart-rate data straight through the earbuds, you can toggle on” Exercise audio guide” in the Gear program. From there, long-press one of those touchpads to start a workout program, along with your heart-rate data (and other workout metrics) will be shared by means of a pleasant-sounding robot voice in particular periods.

Who’s it for?

If you’re a hardcore gym rat, then these might not do it for you because of this sub-par battery lifetime. They just won’t last as long as you might need them to. Nevertheless, the noise and match quality is good enough if you merely exercise for 45 minutes after work, the battery life may be worth dealing with.

Perfect for sports. They are streamlined and stable really wireless headphones using a decently comfortable in-ear fit. They are extremely mobile and include a charging case which isn’t overly bulky. Regrettably, their control scheme is a little more unreliable and they simply arrive with 3 tip sizes and 3 stability fins which might not be ideal for all ear contours and dimensions.

Could We Expect Any Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2019 Deals on Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds?

Well, we are not sure about it yet. We might or might not see any discounts or sales on the Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds this Black Friday & Cyber Monday along with the reverse may also be true. We really hope that the sellers give each of their buyers a massive discount on this joyous season.

If you are interested you can check out this page as we’ll be upgrading all the deals with latest and brand new information as soon as it is available.


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