15 Best Wood Planer Black Friday Deals 2019

In this post, we check out the very best 15 wood planer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available on the market.

If you ask a seasoned woodworker he’ll inform you a wood planer is 1 tool you have to have if you want to get into woodworking. Others may believe they may do woodworking without the use of a wood planer, but a benchtop thickness planer can do several things which other common tools cannot.

It may be used to grind lumber to the exact depth you need and enables you to make uniform boards.

If you’re thinking of deckbuilding or remodeling your home or merely interested in woodworking, then this post will surely assist in deciding the ideal wood planer to purchase this black Friday.

These are the Best Wood Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019:

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15 Best Wood Planer Black Friday Deals 2019 7 Amazon.com
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15 Best Wood Planer Black Friday Deals 2019 7 Amazon.com
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15 Best Wood Planer Black Friday Deals 2019 7 Amazon.com
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15 Best Wood Planer Black Friday Deals 2019 7 Amazon.com
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#1. Wen 6530 Electric Wood Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Wen 6530 is the least expensive and among the lightest things on our wood planer reviews. These traits make it a really convenient tool to buy, and it’ll be useful for both beginners and experienced woodworker.

It runs on a 6-Amp engine that might not be as strong as others on our list but it still gives an impressive speed of 34,000 reductions per minute.

This handheld wood planer includes a widely adjustable cutting depth due to its 16 positive stops that enable users to choose depths anywhere between 0 and 1/8-inch.

You will also receive a betting manual with this wood planer which will adjust between 0 and 0 7/10 of an inch to allow you to cut rabbets up to an inch deep.

There’s also a handy kickstand on the instrument that helps to prevent any undesirable tool and workpiece contact. Along with the instrument has a reversible dust bag that can connect to either the right or left of this planer for more effective dust management.

​#2. Wen 6552 Benchtop Thickness Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019 

Wen 6552 is designed to offer you the efficiency and energy of a thickness planer but with all the portability and ease of a benchtop planer.

It runs on a highly effective 15-Amp engine will deliver speeds of up to 18,800 RPM for quick and efficient planing. Plus it includes a granite table that will offer a sturdy and non-marring surface for your stock to pass through.

Both the infeed and outfeed tables are foldable, and they won’t only offer support for longer workpieces but also make the tool much easier to store and carry. This timber airplane will manage substances which are up to 6 inches thick and 12.5 inches wide.

Rubber adjustment handle makes the planer more comfortable to operate and it uses a tri-roller feed system to minimize snipe.

Dust collection can be considerably easier with this wood planer as the fan-assisted dust interface lets you connect a shop vac or any other dust extraction device.

#3. DeWalt DW735 Two Speed Thickness Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

DeWalt is among these wood planer brands that you can always expect to possess high-quality products given their standing. If you are looking for a thickness planer, you can trust that the DeWalt DW735 won’t disappoint you.

Like many other thickness planers out there it runs on a highly effective 15-Amp motor to ensure that it has what is needed to handle heavy duty planing tasks.

This wood planer uses a three-knife cutter head which operates in 10,000 RPM to speed up the job. These knives are designed to last longer than others and they are also disposable and easy to change.

DeWalt DW735 will provide a maximum cut depth of 1/8-inch and will cut substances which are around 6 inches thick and 13 inches wide.

Together with the two-speed gearbox with this wood planer, you will also get to choose between 96 and 179 CPI for optimum cuts per inch. And the fan-assisted dust interface makes dust collection more efficient.

#4. DeWalt DW680K Wood Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

In a total weight if just 6.2 pounds, the DeWalt DW680K is the lightest item on the list, and it’s also quite compact to make it easy to carry to different job sites.

This handheld planer runs onto a 7-Amp motor that will generate up to 15,000 RPM that ought to be sufficient for most planing projects from the workshop.

And with a maximum reduction of 3/32-inch for every single pass, you’ll make fewer moves to get the smoothness you need, and so it is helpful to accelerate your projects.

Depth adjustment is simple and accurate when using this wood planer thanks to the calibrated depth adjustment knob which also eliminates the need to re-zero the thickness.

DeWalt DW680K will accept various kinds of blades which include the large resharpenable high heeled steel blade for framing and editing applications, and also the reversible carbide blades for more precise and comprehensive tasks.

#5. Makita KP0810 Wood Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

The comparatively stronger 7.5-Amp motor makes the Makita KP0810 among the best handheld planers on the market. This motor generates around 16,000 RPM for fast material removal.

Makita KP0810 utilizes a dual-blade cutter head to ensure rapid material removal, and it’s created with rigid die-cast aluminum casing for increased durability.

The on/off button is conveniently located to permit the user to operate it from both sides of the deal which increases the ease of use of this tool.

Together with the ergonomically constructed and rubberized grip and depth adjustment knob, this handheld planer can also be easier and more comfortable to operate. The knob also features a scale that is easy to browse and with 0.1 increment for more exact depth setting.

There is also a spring-loaded rack on the wood planer to lift the foundation so that it doesn’t harm the workpiece or blades when not in use.

​#6. Porter-Cable PC305TP Thickness Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

If you’re looking for a thickness planer which will always offer a sleek finish and constant stick thickness every time that the Porter-Cable PC305TP is a fantastic choice.

Although it’s the most expensive item on our list, the features and capacity also make it one of the best thickness planers out there.

The wood planer runs to a highly effective 15-Amp engine that is designed to generate rates of around 16,000 RPM. And in a entire weight of 62 pounds, it’s relatively lightweight for a depth wood planer.

Together with the solid steel cutter head with this wood planer, you can be certain of a smoother operation and longer tool life. It also uses two fast change knives that also help to improve performance and decrease tool downtime.

Porter-Cable PC305TP includes a patented cutter elevation on the four columns to ensure superior cut stability. And it’ll be a terrific tool for dimensioning lumber to a specific depth or perhaps planing wood pieces which have already been glued-up.

​#7. DeWalt DW734 Benchtop Wood Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

DeWalt DW734 is among the best timber planers for home use out there as is not just powerful but also relatively easy to use for both professionals and DIYers.

This benchtop planer runs on a highly effective 15-Amp engine with speeds of up to 20,000 RPM and using a three-knife cutter head which can deliver 96 cuts per inch for a super nice finish.

The planer uses disposable and reversible knives which will deliver a longer blade life compared to many others and are also easy to change as you will only need one tool to perform it.

Because snipe is one of the most frequent problems for wood planers, the DeWalt DW734 was made to address it with a four-column carriage lock which reduces it radically.

With the additional long infeed and outfeed tables onto this DeWalt wood planer, you get around 33-1/2 inches of material service.

​#8. Porter-Cable PC60THP Hand Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

The relatively inexpensive price tag, quick planing, and effective dust direction makes the Porter-Cable PC60THP the best wood planer for the cost, and to receive something better you might need to devote way much more.

Although its 6-Amp motor does not appear very strong compared to others on our list, it still ought to be sufficient for many DIYers and hobbyists with small projects.

The planer has dual side dust extraction ports that can make it possible to extract dust from either side of the tool that may be extremely convenient.

Its overmold depth knob will offer 10 positive stops which will allow for better player control and multiple depth settings for increased tool versatility.

There are also 3 chamfering grooves to give you more options for edge chamfering, and there is also an 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe that will provide additional control and much better quality.

#9. Bosch PL1632 Wood Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

The best wood planer is one that not only does the job quickly and efficiently but can also be intended to be convenient and simple to use such as the Bosch PL1632.

This handheld wood planer runs on a 6.5-Amp motor that will deliver a speed of around 16,500 RPM to ensure fast and smooth stock removal in both softwoods and hardwoods.

Plus it comes with a spring-loaded stand that will be quite helpful in protecting the workpiece and blade once the tool isn’t being used.

Planing workpieces such as door edges should also be easy with this wood planer thanks to the dual-mount guide fence which also has a protective shield and plastic overshoe to protect against marring.

There are different metric and inch thickness scales with this wood planer that will make airplane depth setting easy.

To ensure comfortable operation, the handle can also be optimally-angled to match the forward movement of the instrument and with a gentle grip.

​#10. Hitachi P18DSLP4 Handheld Planer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

For the woodworkers that are always moving from one job site to another and need a wood planer that they can carry along, the Hitachi P18DSLPA is a perfect choice.

This cordless handheld planer runs on 18V ion batteries, and it’s capable of generating no-load speeds of 16,000 RPM for fast material removal.

And to get a battery-powered planer, the 7.3 pounds total weight is relatively lightweight making it exceptionally portable and this is more so given its compact dimensions.

It also has a decent cutting capacity as it can cut substances that are around 3-1/4 inches wide and with a cutting depth of 5/64-inch.

The soft grip handle will help to improve user comfort and reduces fatigue when using the planer for protracted periods.

There is also a battery level indicator to inform you when the battery is running out, and also a stand on the back side to help prevent accidental blade contact with the workpiece.

Decision: Wood Planer Black Friday Deals 2019:

There you have them the five finest Wood Planer Black Friday Deals 2019. With these tools in hand we’ll be in control of your wood depth like never leave. It is a good investment to make this black friday that’s worth the price.

Happy Woodworking!


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